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November, 2016

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Spiritual Benefits of Fasting


Many of us presume that fasting is a spiritual duty towards God, depriving ourselves from food and drink for a particular time period in order to prove our love with God.

On the contrary, fasting is less about what we giving up and much more about what we’re expecting from God.

When we fast, we just think what we need to survive from God.

Here are some spiritual benefits of fasting:

Soul cleansing:

spiritual-benefits-of-fastingWe often forget the fact that, our bodies are the temple of God, especially when it comes what to eat! Fasting is a real time to remember the spiritual connection we have with our physical bodies.

Without putting toxins in our bodies, we not only give our bodies a break from the digestive process, but also allow our spirits to be detoxed.

Fasting is a move of faith, an expectation from the God that he will full-fill our wills with his blessings.

By fasting, we meditate and cleanse the soul and make it new so that we can receive the blessings from the God.



New desire for God.

When we realize that we need the God to live, and to live more in abundance, we begin to desire God in a new way.

When we realize the fact that we need God more than food, we can start to understand the God, the sustainer of all lives, wants nothing more than a close connection with him, and through fasting we can quench that new desires for more of GOD in our lives.

Deeper praise:

Because of the body doesn’t have work with digestion, it will get more energy to focus on other things. In the same vein, prayerwe have more energy to praise the God.

While experiencing a new desire for GOD, through fasting, we also emit a deeper praise as we think about everything God is need to us and all he has done for us.

Once we fix up our desire for God and our praise for His powerful acts, we forget everything that we are hungry or count down the time until our fast is over. We are celebrating the whole time!

Sensitivity to God’s voice

When we Fast regularly and pray, we will be able to hear the voice of God, speak clearly to him. When we detox the spirit and become inspired with desire and praise for God, we become sensitive to His voice.

A new satisfaction

When we come to an end of fast, renewed, full of energy, detoxed, with a new desire, a new praise and sensitivity to God’s voice, we find that the absence of food was a small in comparison to what we have gained.

Physical food never fully satisfies; in a few hours, we have to eat again. But when we feed from doing the work of GOD, we find a new satisfaction like never before.  

Vaastu Tips for Newly Married Couple


Will the Vaastu defect in the house can; delay in marriage the answer is “YES”. Let’s know how.

According to Vaastu Shatra negative energies our living space can adversely effects on our married life. Vaastu can make our married life happy and maintain the compatibility between the spouses.

Generally, two things or Vaastu defects that can lead to when it comes to marriage:

  1. Delay in marriage
  2. Clashes between husband and wife (finally, separation or divorce)


Reasons for delay in Marriage 

  1. Having underground water tank in Southwest direction.
  2. Slope from Northeast to Southwest in the house or Plot.
  3. Girl (after reaching the marriageable age) sleeping in Northeast and Southwest area.
  4. A marriageable boy if sleeping in Southeast area.
  5. Having staircase or anything heavy in the center of a house [Brahmsthan].

Vaastu Tips for Timely Marriage

  1. A girl (after reaching the marriageable age) must sleep in the Northwest area.
  2. If Northwest bedroom is not available, then she can sleep in West bedroom with keeping head towards West or South direction.
  3. Use bed sheets etc. are of light colored such as pink, baby pink, and violet.
  4. A marriageable boy can sleep in Northeast or South of Southwest bedroom. However, Southwest bedroom must be used by master of the house.
  5. If there is no Northeast bedroom then he can sleep in South bedroom.

Vaastu tips for Happy and Peaceful Married Life

  1. Avoid Southeast and Northeast bedroom instead use Southwest or South bedroom
  2. Never have kitchen in Northeast, always keep the Northeast part of your house clean and clutter free.
  3. Never keep thorny and bonsai plants in the house, you can keep fresh flowers in the bedroom; change them frequently.
  4. Do not use dark color in bedroom walls, Paint with light and soothing colors
  5. Don’t use beds with storage (even if wooden).
  6. Never keep mirrors in bedroom.
  7. No extension in Southeast part of your house.

Marriage is the most precious part of our life. But, many of us don’t know that most of our arguments over small issues are directly influenced by the colors around us. Even the wrong placement of the toilet or the wrong direction for kitchen hampers happiness and comfort in our relationships.

Following are some another simple Vaastu tips to have a happy married life:

Remove the toilet to improve your relationship

As per Vaastu, the Southwest is related to relationships and skills. If this direction is disturbed or having cut, or there is a toilet built in this part of the house, there can be a total confusion leading to conflicts in all the family members of that house. As a result, a toilet from Southwest should be removed by all means.

Marriage Photographs in the Right Vaastu direction

vaastu-tips-for-newly-married-coupleThe Southwest is the ideal place to keep the marriage photographs, albums or gifts to enhance the marital relationship.

To improve marital life, place Love Birds pair (made of resin) in the Southwest direction of the house.

According to Vaastu, balanced Southeast (SE) direction in any house is very important, because disturbed Southeast can create serious problems in the married life.

Choose Colors Wisely!

Red, Pink, Purple and light Orange colors are generally considered as romantic colors and can help in igniting the spark in couple’s relationship. Hence, these colors are recommended for the walls of newly married couple’s bedroom, particularly for South-South-East direction of the house.

Kitchen Vaastu


According to Vaastu Shastra, as the lord of ‘Agni’ (Fire) prevails in the South-east direction, so this is the ideal place for kitchen in the house.

The stove should be placed in South-east corner of the kitchen so that the cook will face East while cooking.

The second best option is North-west direction of the house.


  • Being North-east is the place of Santaan Laxmi and Eswar, having kitchen [Fire Element] in North-east can affects mainly on the Children’s of that house.   


  • Kitchen in North-east [Ishanya] along-with defect in North-west [Vayvya], Children from that house may goes into depression though they are brilliant one, Children may sometimes attempt to commit suicide also.
  • Children may force to discontinue their education though they are brilliant, and they might face problems in professional life as well as in career also.
  • Certainly the normal Childbirth will not take place and possibility of caesarean Childbirth and Abnormal Child birth will happen in such houses.
  • The Children in Such houses may suffer from psychic problems, slow in study.
  • Peoples from such houses will have to suffer with Skin and Eye diseases and they always have to face Economic problems.

Kitchen in Middle of East

  • Name and fame of the habitants in such houses will affect. They have to struggle more to achieve the Success
  • Disturbed relations among the family members to each other.
  • Female members will mostly involve in fights and arguments.
  • Habitants in such houses have to undergo many health problems.

Kitchen in South

  • Being Mangal is the ruling planet of South direction; such house will full of fighting and arguments.
  • The females facing South while cooking will always remembers their past and became Aggressive.
  • Inmates of such houses will suffer with lifelong diseases.
  • People living in such houses will be addicted easily and sudden break up can happen due to fights.
  • Residents have to face Joint pains, Knee pains and there may be Possibilities of Surgeries.

South-west corner

  • Kitchen in South-west and women faces West while cooking will loses Interest in Cooking and will become anxious [Nervous] day by day.
  • The people from such houses are generally likes to eating late-night and the food goes wasted.
  • There is always fear of theft and People became addicts to Lie.
  • Peoples have to face unnatural problems and unwanted Litigations, Court cases and Police cases. There will be chances of developing kidney stones.

Middle West Direction

  • Women if Face West while cooking may develop health problems
  • Women may become argumentative and unsatisfied
  • They speaks in loud and ends up in fighting
  • There will be delay in every work and that doesn’t get finished on time due to presence of Shani Maharaj the ruling God of this direction.


    • Anything kept in this corner is to be used up quickly and requires more and more. Kitchen here are sometime prone to unwarranted incidents.
    • Men in such houses are of inflexible [refuses to be persuaded] in attitude and don’t perceive to others.<
    • Small irrelevant incidents grounds to ample fights.
    • Health problems like Stomach disorder, Blood pressure, Psychiatric may develop
    • Conflict between daughter and her mother in law will happen sometime.
    • Prevents children’s mental growth.
    • People have to face problems in entire life due to non progress, misuse of finance, improper dealings, and misunderstandings.

North Middle

  • Budha is the ruling planet of North [Uttar].
  • The cooking woman facing North will be powered by Planet Buddha. They are intelligent, sharp and have great memory.
  • They fight over small and small things.
  • There will be wastage of foods.
  • Money earned will be goes on spending lifestyle maintenance and no control on expenditure.
  • This leads to anxiousness and end up with brain related diseases.



How to Identify Pitra Dosha


Pitru dosh or Yog is formed when Rahu and Ketu are with any of the Luminaries and are placed in the 6th, 8th and the 12th house in the horoscope. Sometimes, this yog is also formed in the 5th house if other planets do not show any beneficial aspects.

This Yog stop the person from his overall progress in all walks of life.

Astrological combinations and calculations are used to find out the exact problem and related solution of Pitra Dosha. Such astrological calculations are good, but they are far away and more complex to know for a common man.

pitru-doshAfterward how a common man can know whether he is under the bad influences of Pitra Dosha?

Here are some simple signs and methods mentioned in the ancient texts, which can be used to know a person in identifying Pitra Dosha:

  • Children are falling sick frequently.
  • Couples having problems in conceive the child.
  • Repeated miscarriage
  • Disputes among the family members without any reason
  • The educational and career growth is obstructed and No success in life

Simple Remedies of Pitra Dosha

  1. Every Saturday, make rice balls of cooked rice and ghee. Feed these rice balls to crows and fish.
  1. Unconditional services to parents, old-age needy persons, sweeper and poor peoples.
  1. Always be calm and quiet throughout the life, should not to be angry in this life.
  1. Worshiping Lord Vishnu, particularly the form of Sri Ram, is a fine remedy to get relief from Pitra Dosh.
  1. Make Kanya Daan (perform the marriage of a girl), of a girl from Poor family.
  1. Perform Rudrabhishek (Rudra Abhishek) in the name of the KUL or ancestors [Pitru]
  2. On any somwati amavaasya (when amaavasyaa falls on Monday) go to peepal tree, offer one janeu to tree and one to Lord Vishnu. Pray to tree and Lord Vishnu. Then do 108 Parikrama of tree, with each Parikrama offer a sweet to tree.
  1. While doing Parikrama continuously chant the mantra “OM NAMO BHAGAWATE VAASUDEVAAYA”. After doing parikrama pray again to peepal tree and Lord Vishnu for seeking forgiveness.
  1. Offer Milk, Water, Haldi [Turmeric], Kale Teel [Black seasom] and Ghee [All mixed] for a period of 40 day continually to a peepal tree early in the morning at the time of Sunrise. [While going to peepal tree or / and coming to house do not speak to any person]

Rituals for Remedy Of Pitra Dosha

There are certain rituals to be performed to ward off the negative effects of Pitru Dosh.


Narayan Nagbali Pooja

This Puja gives relief to a great extent. This Pooja is performed in few prescribed locations in the India such as:

(1) Trimbakeshwar in Nashik,

(2) Chandod near Vadodara in Gujarat,

(3) Haridwar.

Narayan Nagbali is to be performed at Trimbakeshwar which is the pride of place as mentioned in our ancient Purana.

This Puja at Trimbakeshwar is performed very nicely and will lasts for 3 days.

If you are from North India, then go to Haridwar on Amavasya day for Pitra Tarpan Ritual.

Pitra Dosh arises when the soul of departed forefathers are not get the illusion.

It mainly occurs when the dead forefathers and the ancestors did not get proper peace and salvation at the time of departing their souls.

According to Hindu mythology, it is believed if anyone from the family do not offer food and water to their ancestors, and ignore the ancestors in Shraadh Puja then Pitra Dosh is formed.

Truths to Find Happiness


The past and future doesn’t exist. Now [present] is the moment.  Past is just a memory.  The future is just a projection.  Here you can choose to stay back in the past for learning and happy reflection.  You can also choose to live in the future for visualization and practical planning.  However, any time your awareness floats away to the past or future often for negative purposes, you are suffocating your ability to flourish in the only moment you ever have… that is present [now].  Past and future literally do not exist right now – feel the freedom in this truth i.e. Present

Live in the present and do what makes you happy even if it doesn’t make others happy. Don’t trust something because of someone said it. Question it and discover the truth by your own.

Don’t allow others to decide what you want to do. Listen what they are saying it could help in make your decision. But it is to be yours, which can make you happy. Always true to yourself, respectful, polite and honest. Always set a goal and pursue it. Make the best out of each opportunity, and make sure you know what your strengths and skills are; these will help you in a long away. Take self-care, Eat whole food, exercise, get adequate sleep and enjoy the life.


challenges-are-giftsChallenges are gifts for your growth.

Without challenges you cannot unlock you’re prospective.  Treat Obstacles as opportunities for your growth.

Choose powerful questions and attitudes to receive experience. Turn your lifestyle challenges into a gift. What you do with gift? You receive it, acknowledge it. Look for the value which it can bring into your life. Ask yourself how your life situation will be your best opportunity.


Forgiveness is choosing happiness over hurt.happiness

Sometimes we do not forgive others to free them of the situation, burden, guilt or regret.  We forgive others to free ourselves only, and love to do so.  It is in liberation of ourselves that our energy level, awareness raises and doing so people around us also benefits.  The words of forgiveness impacts positively on those we forgive, but eventually forgiveness is a choice that allows us to be happy over again.  This goes for both forgiveness to others and forgiveness of self also.

Surrender is the essence of happy life.

Letting go is not giving up, but letting go is surrendering any irrational attachment to particular people, outcomes and situations.  Surrender means showing up every day in your life with the intention to be yourself and to do the best you know how, without expecting life to go a certain way.

Encompass goals, dream it, take a purposeful action, but isolate from what life must look like.

The energy of someone aspiring us to create dreams, teamed with surrender, is more powerful and creative than someone resolute to create outcomes with an anxious “must have” mentality.

Surrender brings inner peace and joy, and we forget that our outer lives are a reflection of our inner state of human being

Vaastu 16 Zones And Their Values

South East Vaastu Dosh

The 16 Zones in the Vaastu regulates each and every prospect of our existence. These Geographical areas act as a programming for our well-being.

“The emotions and thoughts that appears inside us are generated by this 16 Zones only”(in your house)

These Vaastu Zones have been adapted from Vedic scriptures and has been modified to suit the present-days building requirements. This is why architects and interior designers are also   adopting principles of Vaastu Shastra.

These 16 Vaastu Zones have it’s own properties and effects with each Zone which is governed by specific element. These Zonal abilities may be hyperactive or un-creative, because of the imbalance of Panchtattva (Five Elements), thus adversely affects the livings of the habitats. Using appropriate Colors, Metals, and Gems therapy, these Zones can be balanced and programmed to make it Vaastu Friendly.



Furthermore the objects that placed in a particular area affects your corresponding emotion. The research in Vaastu Shastra reveals that if you have a bedroom in the Anxiety area (East-South-East), then you will never feel comfortable in it; rather there will be frequent conflicts between husband and wife. Likewise, your kids get naturally inclined towards their studies and do well in education if their study table is placed in the Area of Education (West-South-West).

Let us have a look on these Vaastu Zones and their influence on our life.

  1. North-East (NE)
    This is the Zone of Wisdom, Meditation and Inspiration. This Zone is ideal for Meditation.
  2. East of North-East (ENE)
    It regulates Fun and Refreshment in the life. This zone is ideal for a Family Lounge.
  3. East (E)
    The energy generated by East Zone helps in the Social Connectivity. It is ideal for a Drawing Room.
  4. East of South-East (ESE)
    The balanced state of East of South-east Zone bestows depth to your thought and gives you a deeper understanding of life activities.
  5. South-East (SE)
    This is the Fire Zone, and represents the Zone of Money, This is Ideal zone for Kitchen.
  6. South of South-East (SSE): In any building if this Zone is down, its occupants will lack in Strength and Confidence.
  7. South (S): Most significantly, this is the Zone of Honor, Identification and Social Reputation.
  8. South of South-West (SSW): In Vaastu Shastra, the energy of this Zone take out all ‘waste’ and useless from your life. Lack of this energy results in, money and effort being wasted on immaterial things, fruitless thinks, unimportant discussions etc.
  9. South-West (SW): This is the Zone of Skill, Marriage, Family Harmony, Bonding, Stability in life, Growth in career and Relationships.
  10. West of South-West (WSW): The West of South-West is the Zone of Studies, repeated Practice or Vidya abhyaas, knowledge and education.
  11. West (W): The energy of this Zone secures your actions or effort may not go waste.
  12. West of North-West (WNW): This is the Zone of rodhan i.e. stress and depression.
  13. North-West (NW): The North-West Zone generates the energy that works in Supportive system and Helpful people for any cause you pursue.
  14. North of North-West (NNW): This the Zone of attraction and sex, physical enjoyment and awareness of satisfaction.
  15. North (N): As North Zone represents Money or Treasure, it’s energy helps you to make New Prospects to earn the money.
  16. North of North-East (NNE): If NNE Zone is disturbed, your Body-Resistance and Immune System weakens, making you prone to sicknesses from where the recovery will be very poor



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