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September, 2017

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How to Reduce the Stress in Two Minutes a Day


Whether we’re dealing with an unhappy client, or assigned a last-minute project to complete by the end of the day, or just going through the everyday trials and tribulations of our job, we all experience stress. And there’s no denying it — it stinks.

An executive from at MNC, strong faith, a great family life, and plenty of money, even got along well with his in-laws! So why did he have so much stress and anxiety that he could hardly sleep at night?

There is a simple strategy that you can use to reduce anxiety, improve your ability to deal with stress, and boost your confidence. The best part is it works immediately and takes only two minutes to do.

As an individual, many of us self-appease with junk food, a glass (or two) of wine, maybe some mindless TV, we think these may fixes, but that doesn’t actually fix anything.

Whenever fear and anxiety take embrace, the nervous system directs blood flow to the largest muscles, an evolutionary response to protect against physical danger. This redirected flow often results in cold hands. So when we warm them, which automatically signal our nervous system that it’s OK to calm down.

Donate some Money

Giving some money to a good reason makes you feel happy or feel better than buying a pair of stylish cloths, the studies proved it.

The fact is you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy this karmic deed. The researchers raveled that those who gave even Rs: 100 to needy person will felt obviously better than those who bought themselves a luxuries instead.

Whole grains

“If you’re feeling irritable, eat an all-carb whole grain snacks and see the difference, you will feel happier just within a half hour,”

Give yourself a hug

Stress and Hug


When you feel self negatively, the brain’s amygdala sends signals and that will increase blood pressure and raise adrenaline and cortisol levels. Here they recommend “surreptitious self-hug” wrapping the arms around ourselves and squeezing. Even our own touch releases oxytocin and other biochemicals which promotes well-being.

Just move it—a little

The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, says just two minutes of exercise is enough to change your mood, as long as you raise your heart rate. “Anything from squats to jumping jacks supplies a surge of neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin—the same targets as antidepressants”.

Be a jaw dropper

“Relaxing your tongue and jaw sends a message to your brain stem and limbic system to turn off the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol,” Simply let your tongue go shuffle in your mouth, and then open your mouth slightly, which will instantly loosen up your jaw. “These exercises help bring our parasympathetic nervous system online, which tells our bodies to rest and restore”.

How to Take a Two-Minute Breathe Break

BreathingFor thirty seconds, focus all your attention on your breathing.

Yes, focus upon your breathing. Breathe in slowly for a four count, then pause for a second, and then breathe out slowly for a six to seven count. If counting makes you feel more stressed, focus upon your breathing alone. Continue for thirty seconds.

Accept what you are feeling and then focus on your breathing.

Emotions become problematic most quickly when we try to fight or ignore them. You need to find the cause of your stress, acknowledge it, and decide whether it is something you need to address or let go for now.

At the end of the two minutes, you will likely feel more calm than before you began the exercise. If you are still feeling swamped with stress, take another two-minute break.

The beauty of this exercise is that you can do it virtually anywhere without taking much away from your day.Reduce Stress

We may think that we don’t have time even for a two minute break because we have to solve a huge problem for the project to be completed. However, research has also shown that we not only think more clearly but also more creatively when we aren’t stressed out.

Less stress, more productivity, Greater creativity.  Who don’t want to use this situation more in their life? Do favor yourself and take a breather break.

The more you practice, better it will assist you in taking back your day.

So, be started!

Attitude and Life Truths


We often talk about stepping into our true power, about building our confidence and boosting our self-esteem. Though self-confidence and self-esteem seems similar referring to how we feel about ourselves though they are two very different concepts.

Self-esteem is how we generally feel about ourselves; how much we love ourselves and the overall image that we have about who I am positive or negative? It is shaped by our experiences and the environments where we grow up in, through our family members, our school and our community.

Self-confidence can be defined how we feel about our abilities and how capable we see ourselves of doing certain things or handling in unusual situations.

Some of us have been focused on our weaknesses and perceived limitations, rather than our strengths. In some cases, we were educated to find ways to improve so that we could become “the best versions of ourselves.”

Certain times we can only change the things we are aware of, and the things we accept which are true.

Worrying about what others think is a waste of time. Attitude

I can’t please everybody, no matter how much I try. Whatever people think about me is their own view, and seen from their lenses; and it’s all about them and it has nothing to do with me. I stopped trying to please the peoples in the hope that they would like me. I like myself as I am, and I don’t expect other people to make me happy. My happiness is my liability and everything besides that will be absolute bonus.

Saying no to things means we don’t want to do it and it’s a learned practice of self-care

If it sounds like I should do, I don’t do it. I go for the things which feel like a want. My needs come from myself, instead of being imposed by others. I am choosy about how I am spending my precious time and with whom. Because my time is my life and it’s never come back.

Life should not have to be a fight or an exhausting struggle.

I stopped up competing and comparing myself with others. Instead, I prefer to go on my own journey and feel happy with other’s achievement. I always choose to live in a state of love instead fear and I believe in abundance. We live in a caring life, where there is enough of everything and for everyone.

Being reliable is a matter of preference.

I prefer to stay true to who I am and what I believe to be right. It’s my birthright to be happy and I decided to live my own life with neither apologies nor regrets.

I realized in the life, we don’t get what we desire. We get what we think and deserve. That’s why believing in you, seeing yourselves as enough and worthy of the best things life has to offer.

Most people are lazy.

People say they want to make some kind of a change. They get good, solid advice. Then they do nothing. In most of the cases, failure is not the result of outside influences, but failure is due to a simply lack of efforts. It’s a horrible truth, but it’s the truth, all right: most of the people don’t know what they claim to want enough to put in the work required to get it.

Guiltiness and regret won’t make problems go away.



Not necessary to live in the bad things that happened or that you did in the past. People feel that it’s their obligation to stay on guilt, as if they’ll be a horrible person if they decline feeling guilty. It’s not true. What happened is happened. Move on.

Worrying is useless.

Worry is like bitching. It can’t changes anything, but we feel like we’ve to do it because if we don’t worry about something, it seems like we’re being jokey.

Next time if you’re worried about something, ask yourself how much the problem has reduced to improve your life. It’s really, really hard to explain. That’ll fix things, right?

Successes happen in small steps and in a long time.

This is the keystone message behind my legendary community, which is outcome that people, who actually understands that most of the things take time to get it done.

Almost nothing will happen in huge, gestalt leaps. Want to become a champion or start a successful company? Get a little better every day, and then repeat.

Nobody is rooting you to fail.

The world isn’t out to get you. People have their interest in their own business that they’re not paying attention to you and in your possible failures.

You simply don’t matter to them to root against. That means you’re free always.

Everyone lives according to their own rules, and not yours.

If someone says something to you and you’re insulted. You think they’re being a jerk, because you as per your personal rule which says, “If you say XXXXX to someone, it’s because you want to insult them.” It doesn’t mean that, other person may not necessarily have the same rules as you are.

They are responding according to their own rules, and in all, their system says, they are responding appropriately. Off course they may even think that you are the bad guy.

So who is right? Neither; you simply have different rules. Sooner you realize that everyone is trying to do the best as they can in the life with what they have is the better.

Directional Values of Vaastu for prosperity

Directional values of Vastu for prosperity

Every human being on the earth needs air, water, food, shelter, cloth, education and health to lead or live with a happy lifestyle. Money the only source by which we can get six out of the seven listed items. [Thank God, we don’t have to pay for Air]. Lack of money, can brings stress and also sprinkles negative energy in the house.

Vaastu Shastra, a Vedic science of house construction, can also have a great impact on financial prosperity.

By using Vaastu principles we can get positive energy in the House by working in harmony with the directional energy and the five elements of the nature and resist any negative energy in the house.

Directional values of Vaastu for prosperity

North-east corner:

North-east is the place of God and the primary source of prosperity which brings Directional values of Vastu for prosperityauspicious energy in the house.

Avoid overhead water tank, septic tanks and heavy construction structures in Northeast area of the house. Always keep clean and completely clutter-free this area.

South-west corner:

Southwest direction is considered as a direction of Wealth, this corner plays crucial role in creation of wealth. Thus placing of the Almirah or cupboard with all valuables, important papers, jewelry and cash, must be placed in this corner facing East or North, the direction of Kuber, God of Wealth.

A Vaastu principle does not allow entrance from the Southwest but insist on having the Master bed room in this direction. As a result, Southwest is not good for having main door.

From the eight directions, the one and only direction in which the main door cannot be located is the South-west.  This is because the Southwest is the direction where the energy that enters in the house is stored.

Obviously, having openings in this quadrant will allow the cosmic power to go out, and this could result in the experiencing financial losses and health problems to owner of the house with no peace of mind.

An underground water tank in the Southwest of the house is the most negative and major defect in Vaastu, Which leads to 3 D’s Destruction, Disharmony and Death in the family.

South-east corner:

Purple color represents the wealth, so, placing purple plants or money plants in purple pots in the Southeast corner of the house can bring a change in fortune and enormous good luck in attracting wealth.

Southeast is related to Venus which represents the females. So the lady of the house may suffer most of the times if there is any Vaastu defect in the Southeast direction.

A door in the SE direction brings in anger and it creates a stressful atmosphere in the family. It also brings in sickness to an elderly lady in the family.

The Southeast which represents Fire element is also related to sex and married life. So, having a toilet/bathroom or an underground water body or a cut in Southeast, can cause hurdles in getting married or in married life or in conceiving a child.

If having any water body or a bath room in SE, one of the daughters may remain unhappy in her married life.

As a remedy, “Ratndhyaya or Gems therapy” can be used to protect the door from evil energy. (In fact any door which is not in a good direction can be protected from evil energy by using gems therapy.)

Using appropriate Gems like Red coral/yellow sapphire/diamond/crystals charged by proper Mantras and/or metal like copper under the floor, worshiping Hanumanji will reduce the severity of Southeast defects. It is advised to seek a guidance of a Vaastu Consultant if the defects are severe and are affecting one’s life in concerned area adversely.

North Direction

Directional Values of Vaastu for prosperity

In the north zone, designating space for kitchen and toilet, placing a dustbin, broom, washing machine, and mixer-grinder is a Vaastu Dosh.  Keep a money plant in a green vase, or hang scenery showing a lush field or thick forest in north zone.

These will attract money and better career opportunities.

For instance, the South-west door will bring in debts, loans and financial problems.

A North entrance brings good career opportunities and money.

The East Vaastu entrance brings peace.

The West entrance brings in wealth and prosperity.

The South entrance is also a beneficial if placed in proper place.

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