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Toilet and Bathroom in Vaastu

According to Vaastu Shastra principles, Bathroom and Toilet should be in middle of West direction and South direction. This does not create any Vaastu dosh [defect] and will not affect the inmates. 

Toilet never should be in the:

  • Middle of the house [Brahmsthan]
  • In South-east corner
  • In South-west and North- east corners
  • Middle of the North and Middle of the East. 

Northeast Direction [Ishanya corner]

This is the place of God and Planet Guru [Jupiter]. This is also the place of Santana-Laxmi.

Having Toilet or bathroom in Northeast corner will affect the place of God and you will not get the blessings from God.

  • Children growth, Education and Career will get on affected.
  • Owner will face Financial losses.
  • If the Owner is a businessman he has to undergo many financial losses and will not get the Success though working hard.
  • For professionals [Job holders] hurdles in getting promotions.
  • Residents have to face eye problems and sometimes have to undergo to cataract or surgeries.
  • There may be Birth-defect in new born child

East middle Direction:

Bathroom Toilet in VaastuThe ruling planet is Sun [Ravi (Surya)-Graha] of East direction, which is full of energy and Heat at high temperatures.

Having Toilet in middle of the East may adversely affect in following way.

  • Owner of the house may suffer from physical disorders.
  • Loss of social standing and respect in the society [No Name and Fame].
  • Residents in such houses are prone to Brain related problems.
  • Health problems related to Heat, Blood pressure, Diabetes and also prone to life threatening activities.

Southeast [Agneya]:

This is a place of planet Venus [Shukra Graha] and place of Fire element.

The rising Sun [Sun will travel from South-east – south and South-west] will gives maximum heat to this direction, so South-east is always hot.

Toilet and bathroom in South-east is a Defect and will

  • Will creates problems to young people in the house and they have to suffer with sickness and diseases.
  • Mostly in such houses love marriages can happens but they will not goes Life-long.
  • Health problems related to breathing, cancer to females, lack of patience and temperament
  • Elder child can meet accidents.
  • Delay in Marriage or married people may end up in fights and there is lack of understanding between the couples.
  • Alcohol addictions, accidents, problems in pregnancy are the common issues in these houses.

Southwest [Nairutya]:

This is the direction of Earth element [Pruthvi tatva] and the ruling planet is Rahu.

The gravitational force is more in this direction compare to other directions.

Having bathroom and Toilet or an excavation in Southwest:

  • Will adversely affects on the health of the owner and makes life conflict.
  • The owner will have to suffer with Urinary troubles, Chronic diseases.
  • There may be possibility of unnatural problems [Amaanviya].
  • Unity and Integrity of the family get disturbed.
  • Premature death or accidental death can happen in these houses.
  • Owner or head of the family never renowned in the society and always under tension in such houses.
  • The house is full of Negative energy and People may have bad dreams or feeling of ghostly existence in the house.

Toilet in the Northeast can adversely affect the finances and prosperity of the family. Whereas toilet in Southwest direction directly affects the family head in terms of health and can make him highly indecisive. [Not able to make decisions quickly and effectively.]

North Middle:

vaastu for bathroom 

This is the direction of Planet Buddha and ruled by God Kuber the God of Wealth.

Having Toilet and Bath in the North direction:

  • The inmates will suffer from high and lows of financial situations.
  • The income goes on unwanted expenses like treatment of sicknesses like paralysis, brain tumors, and knee problems.
  • Females in such houses will have to undergo incurable diseases including Cancerian diseases also.

Toilet in the Northeast can adversely affect the finances and prosperity of the family. Whereas toilet in South-West direction directly affects the family head in terms of health and can make him highly indecisive. [Not able to make decisions quickly and effectively.]

If you observe that the Toilet in your living house is located in one of the defected area, Please Contact us to check it and correct it without demolishing

Directional Values of Vaastu for prosperity

Directional values of Vastu for prosperity

Every human being on the earth needs air, water, food, shelter, cloth, education and health to lead or live with a happy lifestyle. Money the only source by which we can get six out of the seven listed items. [Thank God, we don’t have to pay for Air]. Lack of money, can brings stress and also sprinkles negative energy in the house.

Vaastu Shastra, a Vedic science of house construction, can also have a great impact on financial prosperity.

By using Vaastu principles we can get positive energy in the House by working in harmony with the directional energy and the five elements of the nature and resist any negative energy in the house.

Directional values of Vaastu for prosperity

North-east corner:

North-east is the place of God and the primary source of prosperity which brings Directional values of Vastu for prosperityauspicious energy in the house.

Avoid overhead water tank, septic tanks and heavy construction structures in Northeast area of the house. Always keep clean and completely clutter-free this area.

South-west corner:

Southwest direction is considered as a direction of Wealth, this corner plays crucial role in creation of wealth. Thus placing of the Almirah or cupboard with all valuables, important papers, jewelry and cash, must be placed in this corner facing East or North, the direction of Kuber, God of Wealth.

A Vaastu principle does not allow entrance from the Southwest but insist on having the Master bed room in this direction. As a result, Southwest is not good for having main door.

From the eight directions, the one and only direction in which the main door cannot be located is the South-west.  This is because the Southwest is the direction where the energy that enters in the house is stored.

Obviously, having openings in this quadrant will allow the cosmic power to go out, and this could result in the experiencing financial losses and health problems to owner of the house with no peace of mind.

An underground water tank in the Southwest of the house is the most negative and major defect in Vaastu, Which leads to 3 D’s Destruction, Disharmony and Death in the family.

South-east corner:

Purple color represents the wealth, so, placing purple plants or money plants in purple pots in the Southeast corner of the house can bring a change in fortune and enormous good luck in attracting wealth.

Southeast is related to Venus which represents the females. So the lady of the house may suffer most of the times if there is any Vaastu defect in the Southeast direction.

A door in the SE direction brings in anger and it creates a stressful atmosphere in the family. It also brings in sickness to an elderly lady in the family.

The Southeast which represents Fire element is also related to sex and married life. So, having a toilet/bathroom or an underground water body or a cut in Southeast, can cause hurdles in getting married or in married life or in conceiving a child.

If having any water body or a bath room in SE, one of the daughters may remain unhappy in her married life.

As a remedy, “Ratndhyaya or Gems therapy” can be used to protect the door from evil energy. (In fact any door which is not in a good direction can be protected from evil energy by using gems therapy.)

Using appropriate Gems like Red coral/yellow sapphire/diamond/crystals charged by proper Mantras and/or metal like copper under the floor, worshiping Hanumanji will reduce the severity of Southeast defects. It is advised to seek a guidance of a Vaastu Consultant if the defects are severe and are affecting one’s life in concerned area adversely.

North Direction

Directional Values of Vaastu for prosperity

In the north zone, designating space for kitchen and toilet, placing a dustbin, broom, washing machine, and mixer-grinder is a Vaastu Dosh.  Keep a money plant in a green vase, or hang scenery showing a lush field or thick forest in north zone.

These will attract money and better career opportunities.

For instance, the South-west door will bring in debts, loans and financial problems.

A North entrance brings good career opportunities and money.

The East Vaastu entrance brings peace.

The West entrance brings in wealth and prosperity.

The South entrance is also a beneficial if placed in proper place.

Spiritual Benefits of Fasting


Many of us presume that fasting is a spiritual duty towards God, depriving ourselves from food and drink for a particular time period in order to prove our love with God.

On the contrary, fasting is less about what we giving up and much more about what we’re expecting from God.

When we fast, we just think what we need to survive from God.

Here are some spiritual benefits of fasting:

Soul cleansing:

spiritual-benefits-of-fastingWe often forget the fact that, our bodies are the temple of God, especially when it comes what to eat! Fasting is a real time to remember the spiritual connection we have with our physical bodies.

Without putting toxins in our bodies, we not only give our bodies a break from the digestive process, but also allow our spirits to be detoxed.

Fasting is a move of faith, an expectation from the God that he will full-fill our wills with his blessings.

By fasting, we meditate and cleanse the soul and make it new so that we can receive the blessings from the God.



New desire for God.

When we realize that we need the God to live, and to live more in abundance, we begin to desire God in a new way.

When we realize the fact that we need God more than food, we can start to understand the God, the sustainer of all lives, wants nothing more than a close connection with him, and through fasting we can quench that new desires for more of GOD in our lives.

Deeper praise:

Because of the body doesn’t have work with digestion, it will get more energy to focus on other things. In the same vein, prayerwe have more energy to praise the God.

While experiencing a new desire for GOD, through fasting, we also emit a deeper praise as we think about everything God is need to us and all he has done for us.

Once we fix up our desire for God and our praise for His powerful acts, we forget everything that we are hungry or count down the time until our fast is over. We are celebrating the whole time!

Sensitivity to God’s voice

When we Fast regularly and pray, we will be able to hear the voice of God, speak clearly to him. When we detox the spirit and become inspired with desire and praise for God, we become sensitive to His voice.

A new satisfaction

When we come to an end of fast, renewed, full of energy, detoxed, with a new desire, a new praise and sensitivity to God’s voice, we find that the absence of food was a small in comparison to what we have gained.

Physical food never fully satisfies; in a few hours, we have to eat again. But when we feed from doing the work of GOD, we find a new satisfaction like never before.  

Four Stages of Life

Hinduism tells us the aims of life and also shows the practical way how to achieve those aims and to do this, Hinduism divides a person’s life in four stages or Ashrams: and every person should ideally go through each of these four stages:
·         The First Ashrama – “Brahmacharya” or the Student Stage
·         The Second Ashrama – “Grihastha” or the Householder Stage
·         The Third Ashrama – “Vanaprastha” or the Hermit Stage
·         The Fourth Ashrama – “Sannyasa” or the Wandering Ascetic Stage
Each stage or ashram has specific duties and expectation which must be attained at an appropriate age. In ancient India, a man was expected to live a hundred or so years and so each stage would be approximately 24-25 years.

1. Brahmacharya – The Celibate Student:

Brahmacharya is the stage of life being a student. In the traditional Indian system of study, a child, once he had become a Brahmachari, would live and learn from his guru all that was essential for him to become a productive and thinking human being.
(Now a days a boy has to also stay away from home for higher studies)

2. Grihastha – The Married Family Man:

In this stage the man has to perform his duties as a member of society and become a positive provider to his family, his community and his society at large. He must be usefully and ethically employed. He must earn wealth and use his service for the larger good.

3. Vanaprastha – The Hermit in Retreat:

This is stage of a man when his duty as a householder comes to an end. The Vanaprastha ashram is semi-retirement. At this age, he should give up all physical, material and sexual pleasures, retire from his social and professional life. Gradually letting go of the ties that bind him being the society elder who is willing to share the knowledge and wealth he has earned for the benefit of others. No wonder, this third ashrama in now a days nearly out of date.

4. Sannyasa – The Wandering Recluse:

The last stage, Sanyas, involves looking inwards and completely liberating oneself from all worldly appetites and desires. In this ashram, a man must prepare himself for the next journey out of his body and thus reject anything that constrains his release and liberation. In this stage, a man is supposed to be totally devoted to God. . He is virtually merged with God, all his worldly ties are broken, and his sole concern becomes attaining moksha, or release from the circle of birth and death. When he dies, the funeral ceremonies (Pretakarma) are performed by his son and heir.

What About Women?:

Traditionally, Woman’s role is of a dependent nature, they need the protection of a responsible male at every stage of life. Though these ashramas are principally considered for the male, females too have a vital role to play in each one of them. So women are not actually excluded because they are always supposed to have an active social and religious life at home.
Hinduism is not a religion; it is an attitude towards life and of achievement. Hindu practices show us the way to live a full and productive life as a physical, spiritual and emotional being.

Truths About Love

Love is the greatest thing in the world, which god has awarded to us.
Everybody wants to be loved. Most psychologists agree that man’s greatest need is to love and be loved. No barrier can hold out the mighty force of love.
What does it take to begin a relationship with God? Devote yourself to unselfish religious deeds. Become a better person so that God will accept you.
We Are Sinful
“All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”
We were created to have fellowship with God; but, because of our willful self-will, we chose to go

our own independent way, and fellowship with God was broken.

This self-will, characterized by an attitude of active uprising or passive lack of sympathy, is evidence of what the Religion calls sin.
The truth chases you everywhere you go. You’ll feel more in control of your love life, and find the person that’s right for you closer, if you start letting, the truth work for you, instead of in opposition to you.
Always say what you want in your heart.  Declare it all. If the person what you expect from him say it, he can give you what you want.  If they weren’t able on the spot, they were never going to be.
Love isn’t perfect, we will all have our bad days, drive each other indifferent, and have disagreements. But when a relationship between two people goes bad, then sometimes love really isn’t enough.

Do not attempt to marry someone while you are still in love with another.

The Art of Listening
truths-about-loveListening is one of the best qualities for a long-lasting relationship. If you don’t give your partner the time to listen what they have to say, then how can your relationship be nurtured and grow? Couples who have solid relationships listen to each other and value what each other have to say are truly happy understanding each other.
Compassion for Each Other
Kindness, sympathy and caring are extremely important within a relationship. A couple that is in love and that truly has long-lasting love potential is a couple that cares for each other, even through the in worst of times.

Purpose of Life

It is never-ending debate that finding God is the purpose of life or purpose in life is to find happiness. I say that God is Happiness. He is pleasure. God is the Joy that never go away from your soul. So we should try to acquire that Happiness.  No one else other than you can give it to you; so you must continuously have to cultivate it in yourself or in your life.
In fact, we must be happy, because God has given us this wonderful world. But enjoyment is not the purpose of life. Souls are brought into this world, so as to make use of birth to liberate them from the unaware state they had been within.
A person born in this world must use the opportunity  to free himself from Samsara and achieve Moksha according Hinduism purpose of Life
Even if life gave you at one time everything you wanted — Health, wealth, power and friends — after a while you would again become dissatisfied and need something more. But there is one thing that can never become out of date to you its joy itself. Happiness that is delightfully varied, though its essence is changeless, is the inner experience everyone is seeking. Lasting, ever new joy is God. Finding this Joy within, you will find it in everything without. In God you will tap the Reservoir of perennial, unending bliss.
There is nothing wrong in looking for to be happy in life. There is nothing wrong in being cheerful and positive.
Secrets of Lasting Happiness
Happiness depends to some extent upon certain external conditions, but mainly upon your mental attitudes. If you don’t choose to be happy no one can make you happy. And if you choose to be happy, no one can make you unhappy. Do not hold responsible God for that!
If God has not given us freedom to use our own will, then we could blame the God. When we are unhappy, even God has given us that freedom. It is we who make our life what it is today.
Change your thought if you wish to change yourself. Since you are only responsible for your thoughts, and only you can change them. Therefore, start now to think only those thoughts, which will bring you health and happy family life.

Keep busy doing constructive things for your self-improvement and for the benefit of others, for whoever in the God’s kingdom must attempt to do good for others every day. If you follow this pattern, you will feel the mood-dispelling joy of knowing you are advancing, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Happiness lies in making others happy, in leaving self-interest to bring happiness to others.
Giving happiness to others is extremely important to have our own happiness, and a most satisfying experience.
Some people think only of their own family: “Us four and no more.” Others think only of self: “How am I going to be happy?” But these are the very persons who do not become happy!
When you came in this world, you cried and everyone else smiled.
So live your life in such way, when you leave this world, everyone else will cry, but you will be smiling.
The more you depend upon conditions outside yourself for happiness, the less happiness you will experience.
Every day, do some good things to help others, even if it is only a nothing. If you want to love God you have to love people. People are God’s children.

When you leave this world, objects resources will be left behind; but every good that you have done will go with you. Wealthy people who live in heartlessness, and people who never help others, do not attract wealth in their next life. But those who give and share love, whether it is a lot or little, will attract prosperity.                                

That is the law of God and meaning of life

A dream of God

If someone seen God in Dream, he thinks about what does this dream means, and tries to Dream interpretation
Here we give some interpretation of God in Dreams.
A Dreams of God signifies your religious studies and face of your feelings about divinity. God is untouchable, unreachable, and unattainable notion of excellence. Thus such a dream may highlight your struggles and attempts with trying to be perfect.
To dream about God speaks to you, signifies feelings of guilt, never-ending punishment, and damnation.
If you see god communicating with you in dream means that, you are going to face failure in business, profession or relationships. 


Many people see their god in dreams worshiping or performing one or other activities.
Meaning of these dreams generally implicates a strange fear in mind which arises due to the misbehavior of that person. Opposite to these many people observe remedial dreams of god that gives them strength to face the future and bless those advancements in religion.


Some people describe that god in dream communicates with them without moving his lips but through mute conversation using eyes. These dreams are awesome and can be interpreted as good or bad fortune depending on the present situation.
A dream about worshiping God represents guiltiness for things, mistakes you have done. And it implies that you have to undergo and regret for your abnormal actions. This type of   a dream is very strong and it gives immediate results in your real life. 


a-dream-of-godTo see yourself getting soul of god means you will face immediate changes in your beliefs over god and particular set of guiding principle.
Worshiping God in dream also indicates that you will hold up harsh punishments for shameful act you performed.
To dream of receiving favors from god suggests that you will get advancements at your work place by someone who holds authoritative position.


Seeing a dream where you are standing on a road with many unknown people around and all are looking up to a godly figure in the sky. Then that figure starts showering water on all the people present below but all are totally dry except you. Your body has been wet in the water but others staring at you for not getting that water.
This dream is incredible symbol of god and his blessings. Meaning of this dream is   you are going to have some extraordinary favors from the god for your positive deed of acts. You can expect turn of fortune and good fortune in your life as a result of this auspicious dream.

What Is Disease

There are three types of Diseases:  physical, mental, and spiritual.
Physical disease is due to different forms of toxic conditions, infectious diseases, and accidents.
Mental health disorders are caused by fear, be troubled, anger, and other emotional in harmonies.
Man’s ignorance towards god or not associated with God is the spiritual causes of disease or Spiritual Sickness
Ignorance is the supreme disease. When one banishes ignorance he also banishes the causes of all physical, mental, and spiritual disease. The fact is, “Wisdom is the greatest purifier.”

Trying to overcome various kinds of distress by the limited power of material remedial method is often unsatisfactory.

Only in the unlimited power of spiritual methods man may find a permanent cure for the “chronic diseaseof body, mind, and soul and if that healing power of god can be sought in. If you have suffered mentally over the loss of loved ones, you can find them again in God.  All things are possible with God’s help.
One should use his common sense in all his Deeds, Acts.  At the same time one should never doubt over the God, but should constantly affirm his faith in the universal Power of Prayer or God.
Doctors are very skillful, they uses many specific methods to treat the illness.  However, not every disease responds to medicine and surgery, and therein lays the limitation of these methods.

Chemicals and medicines have an effect on only the outer physical composition of the bodily cells and do not modify the inner atomic structure or life principle of the cells. In many cases no cure of disease is possible until the healing power of God has corrected, from within, the imbalance of “lifetrons” or intelligent life energy in the body.

Natural Resistance to Disease

Fasting is a natural method of healing. When animals or savages are sick, they fast. The bodily machinery thus has an opportunity to cleanse itself and to obtain a much-needed rest. Most diseases can be cured by well thought-out fasting. Unless one has a weak heart, regular short fasts have been recommended as an excellent health measure. Another good method of physical remedial is through suitable herb extracts or herbal antibiotics.

Sun rays are more effective remedies than medicines in certain cases.
Sun rays contain wonderful healing power. One must take a ten-minute sunbath every day. A short sunbath daily, toughened by good health habits, will keep the body supplied with sufficient life energy to destroy all hurtful microorganisms
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