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Manglik Dosh Remedies

The Negative effects of Manglik Dosh can be reduced by performing astrological remedies which generally include  performing Pooja, chanting mantras, Wearing Gemstones. A special Pooja is performed in the       Mangal Nath temple, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India  by expert Panditji.      

Other simple Remedies
  • Start fasting Tuesday of a new Month in a rising moon(Shaula Paksha)
  • Chant Gayatri Mantra  108 Times Daily
  • Chant Sunder Kand from Tulsi Ramcharitmanas for the period of 40 days beginning on Tuesday.and also chant Hanuman Chalisa
  • Worship Lord Hanuman using “Om Shreem Hanumate Namah:” mantra. Visit Hanuman Temple on every Tuesday and offer sweets, sindoor etc.


  • Donate red cloth to the workers who work with sharp iron items.
  • A Manglik boy or girl must marry to a manglik partner only.
  • In Hindu tradition, Manglik women has to complete the ceremony called “Kumbh Vivah” in which they have to marry either to a peepal tree, or a banana tree or a silver/ golden idol of the Lord Vishnu. A Manglik Woman may even marry a clay urn which is to be broken soon after the nuptial ceremonies, signifying that the bride has become a widow and the manglik dosh has been removed.


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