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Body Natural Cycle

Did you know that your body runs in three cycles of 8-hour each cycle per day? This is known as the circadian rhythms. Our body goes through these Natural cycles each day.

These three (3) Body Natural Cycles are:

1)  Cycle No.1 – (Elimination) ………………4:00am to 12:00pm (noon)
Elimination (of body wastes and food garbage) 4am-12pm
This is the time when your body works for Cleansing Toxins from Your Body naturally:  During this time light eating is recommended.  By light means eating the most perfect food….Fruits and Fruit Juices (real fruit juice).

ELIMINATION-During this first 8 hour period, the best foods we can possibly eat is fruits, green Vegetable juices, because they require minimum digestion period and are the only foods which not interfere with this cleansing process. Therefore the ideal scenario is to try and incorporate as much fresh fruit or fruit juices into your morning routine and slowly cut down on other items. Basically, as soon as you eat anything else, the cleansing stops. 
If a blood test is to be taken at every hour in 24 hours, it would show that the bloodstream is most heavily loaded with the by-products of metabolism during the hours between 4am-12noon, indicating the stepped up elimination cycle, because it is the blood that carries waste material to the four channels of elimination: the bowels, bladder, lungs and skin. 
2) Cycle No. 2 – (Appropriation)……………..12:00pm (noon) to 8:00pm
Appropriation (eating and digestion) 12pm-8pm:
Now your body required energy to perform the vital functions concerning the food you eat. Lunch is the best time to have fleshy animal protein (meat).  However, attempt to get protein from meat in by 3:00 pm, for most (depending on your body type). This is the best time and will allow the body to digest the foods.

APPROPRIATION-The second eight hours of cycle, is between Noon ( 12 noon) and 8pm, is when most of us eat our two main meals of the day – lunch and dinner. This is the time when the body is most efficient to digesting and dealing with foods. It’s also the time when we are burning them up the fastest because we’re most active. As long as we are eating according to our appetite, we should be cheerfully refueling and burning, in a fairly steady and comfortable way, which makes us really comfortable feeling in the body. 

3) Cycle No. 3 – (Assimilation) ……………….8:00pm to 4:00am

Assimilation (absorption and use)   8pm-4am 

During this cycle the body is now ready to absorb the nutrients from the foods we’ve eaten.  We recommend you get an early dinner (preferably before 7:00 pm) so the food you eat are digested and out of the stomach as preparation for this cycle.

ASSIMILATION-The third cycle, this is the time for utilizing the food you have consumed throughout the day. Assimilation takes place between (approximately) 8pm to 4am, i.e. the time you’re most likely to be relaxed, asleep or least active. During this time the
body Works on to drawing all of the goodness from the food you have consumed during the day out, and works on healing and rebuilding. As this phase starts drawing to a close it leads trimly back into the first cycle, cleansing, as it gets rid of everything it doesn’t need.

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