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Truths of Life

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Life Truth Tips

Everyone gets drilled with certain lessons in life. Sometimes it takes frequent display of known truths of life to get it into your skull. On the contrary even one powerful incident drives the tip home forever.

Here are some thoughts regarding life, the world, and its residents in life living on the earth.

  • A life with happiness does not require to a great extent at all.Life Truths
  • The things that are in your life are created and attracted by you only. To change your life, prefer to change.
  • There are extreme better things at the forefront than what we depart behind.
  • You will as free as you make your mind up to be.
  • It is important to enjoy the little things you have in your life at the moment.
  • The real way to help the people is by helping them to find out their own
  • Feed yourself in such a way that human body is made-up to be nourished.
  • Celebrate each day and you’ll never find a boring life.
  • It is extremely true that people will forget everything what you said and what you have done, but will never forget how you made them to feel.
  • Do everything with slow speed, with a lot of love in Heart.
  • Just because someone is ruthless with you that doesn’t mean you have to unkind to them. Their wrongdoings are their issues to deal with. Don’t let them turn out to be yours.
  • The cheapest and most expensive models both are usually bad deals.
  • Children are extraordinarily honest creatures until we educate them not to be.
  • Every problem is your responsibility, in spite of who cause it.
  • Whenever you hate something, it hates back you. People, situations and lifeless things in a similar way.
  • You shouldn’t buy for what you can’t have enough money.
  • Everyone lives life according to their own regulations, and not yours.
  • Quality won’t be successful on its own, but few things do well in the long-term without quality.
  • You are facing problems and everything seems not working. You know who can help, but you don’t go there. Everything is open under the sun. Somebody has been there where you are now. So get off your knocks against and ask for Help.

I am Happy

Ways to be happier

The better part of your true happiness or unhappiness depends on your own point of view, and not upon our situation.  Even if things aren’t ideal now, think of all the beauty things around you.  A good reason to smile is always one thought away. Catch that moment to Live Happy Life
Unhappiness is gap between what we have now, and what we think to have. But the truth of Life is we don’t want to acquire anything more than, what we already have for true happiness
Life is magnificent not because someone says it is, or because you have acquired amazing, but because of you choose to see it.  Don’t allow your “I am happy” to be held hostage.  It is always yours choice to decide to live happy life
Happy Thoughts: Mind other people’s business.

Forget what other people are doing.  Stop looking where they are and what they have.  Nobody is doing better than you since nobody can do better than you.  You are on your own path. You listen to the noise of the world, instead of yourselves.  So stop the comparisons! Ignore the distraction. Listen to your own inner voice.  Mind your own business, think happy. Keep your best wishes and your prime goals close to your heart and devote your time to that all days.  Keep doing what you know and what your heart says right, for YOU.  Because when you are paying attention on significant work with peace in mind, almost nothing can shake from make you happy


Make me Happy- Seek own Support

When you are satisfied to simply be yourself, without comparing and challenging to impress others, everyone will respect you.  And even more importantly, you will also respect yourself then you can say, I am happy.

Forget what people think and say about you.  Focus on how you feel yourself, and keep walking on your own way. Those who accept you are your friends and those who don’t are your teachers. 

If someone calls you something is true, it’s not your problem because it’s true.
Vise-a-Versa if it’s not true, it’s not your problem because it’s not true.
Whatever they call you is not your problem.  What other people call you is their problem…
What you call yourself, and what you make a decision to become, is your problem.

Simple ways to be happy

What happened in the past is one chapter in your legend; don’t close the book, just turn the page.

Forgiveness is the remedy.  It allows you to focus on the future without fighting the past.  To understand the potential of going forward is to forgive things behind you.  Without forgiveness, wounds can never be healed and individual growth can’t achieve.  It doesn’t mean you’re erasing the past, or forget what happened.  It means you’re letting go of the unpleasantness and hurt, and in its place choose to learn from the incident and move on your life to be happier.

Accept the truth. Stand Firm

If you resist truth, you will live in lie. You simply can’t keep away from truth by moving dishonestly from one place to another.

So don’t try to hide the truth with dishonesty.  It takes courage and strength to admit the truth, but it is the only way to truthfully live.  Accept what is, hold in your arms it fully, and live in true happiness   for the potential that are positioned ahead.

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